Create A Passionate Life


The Top 5 Observations… Which Is Yours?

“There’s got to be MORE to life!”

“I ‘know’ I’m meant to be doing something special and important with my life…”

“What should I be when I grow up?”

“I have a dream, but I don’t know how to make it a reality.”

“I’m stuck!”

You’re not alone if any of these statements sound familiar – WELCOME!

At some point in your life you probably felt like ‘something’ was missing. As you mature and grow on your path you might have discovered that ‘missing piece’ – have you uncovered your dreams and passions?

If  you’re still looking, or aren’t sure how to move forward, or want even more joy and passion in  your life! – then you’ll want to read further…

Your path to a Creative, Passionate Life…

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Personal and Professional Development Coach, Julia Herne

Truth, Joy and Love are one and the same Where you find one, you will find the others - Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsh)

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