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I spent the afternoon chatting with a good friend and we got around to the subject of Life Purpose. She’s a Psychologist and very clear on her ‘purpose’ in life.

  • Do you know what your Life Purpose is?

  • Do you even believe you have one?

  • Is it the same thing as having a Passion or Dream?

What if we all have the same purpose – To Create Our Experience.

What would that mean? It puts the responsibility of our existence squarely on our own shoulders doesn’t it?

I like the idea that we all share this purpose – To Create Our Experience.

So what makes us different? – Our Passions.

Do you recognise your Passions?

Do you recognise your Passions?

When you discover your Passion and follow it you are fulfilling your purpose – you are creating your own experience.

My friend told me her boyfriend (Joe) was concerned that he didn’t have a ‘life purpose’ or at least didn’t know what it was. She said Joe loved rock climbing and was working as a web designer to fund his love of rock climbing.

You know what? Joe IS fulfilling his life’s purpose by following his passion right now! He’s not making a living rock climbing, he’s making a living SO he can follow his passion. His passion may change in the future and he may even find a way of getting paid for following his passion – (leading rock climbing tours in China anyone?!).

Joe doesn’t need to be concerned that he doesn’t have a life purpose – he is living it.

It makes no difference whether you make your living following your passion, or make a living so you CAN follow your passion.

When you recognise and follow what brings you energy and joy in life you are fulfilling your life’s purpose – you are Creating Your Experience.

– Julia Herne


What if enough of us raised our children to believe that their only ‘purpose’ in life is to ‘Create Your Experience’ while ‘Following Your Passions’? (Whether that is by making a living following your passions (like me!) or by creating a life that funds your passions). And what if they grew up believing that and taught it to their children? And what if their children, and their children and their children all grew up living this way? How long would it be before we were all living in a world of peace, abundance, love and joy?

P.P.S. Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations With God’ books have some great stuff on this topic.


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Personal and Professional Development Coach, Julia Herne

Truth, Joy and Love are one and the same Where you find one, you will find the others - Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsh)

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