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Will you join me in choosing to live a Creative, Passionate, Joy-Filled life!

Julia Herne is a Life and Soul Coach dedicated to supporting you in living the life of Passion and Joy you deserve!


Life and Soul Coach, Julia Herne

I discovered Coaching as a field around 5 years ago and since then have spent hundreds of hours researching, reading, learning and honing my skills. Coaching is something that comes naturally to me and since studying the field I realise I’ve been coaching friends and family for years!

Clients and workshop participants describe my style as inspiring, motivating, gentle, and highly intuitive. [Read Client Testimonials]

One of my current goals is to achieve Certification as a Life Coach through the International Association of Coaches.

I hope you enjoy discovering some of the great Free Resources, Articles and Inspiration on this site.

Personal Coaching is the Fastest, Simplest way to FAST TRACK YOUR SUCCESS! Get in touch with me today to get started on your New Life!

Yours in Joy!



Personal and Professional Development Coach, Julia Herne

Truth, Joy and Love are one and the same Where you find one, you will find the others - Conversations with God (Neale Donald Walsh)

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